1/87 scaled model of
400 Years of History

How was life at Topkapi Palace centuries ago?

How about Hagia Sophia, The Hippodrome?

Istanbul’s 400,000 sq m historical area which was first the capital of the Roman Empire, and then the Ottoman Empire has now come to life with Modelport’s 1/87 scale moving model. In this exhibition, were everything is based on historical archives, there is a new story told in each 30 sq cm with animated models. The exhibition, representing the area between the Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque, which took five years to complete re-enacts daily life in the 400-year period between the 16th and 19th Centuries.

10.000 Figures , 50.000 led ışığı ile tarih günümüze taşındı History is carried to the present with 10.000 Figures and 50.000 LED lights.

This extraordinary model exhibition, which combines culture, art and education for the first time in the world, includes 10.000 figures and 50.000 LED lights. History is carried to the present with moving figures such as thousands of people, horse-drawn carriages, fires, janissary revolts, torches and smoking chimneys.


Historical events were animated in the exhibition accompanied by sounds.

Dozens of scenes, every part of which is inspired by historical sources, with original sounds such as Janissary rebellions, horse carriages, fires, calling to prayers and Mehter March, take visitors on a journey through history.

The exhibition opens a brand new door for history enthusiasts.

From the Hippodrome, where special events were held in the 16th century, to the Darphane-i Amire, the first institutional money printing facility of the Ottoman Empire; The reflection of our cultural heritage and historical knowledge meets history enthusiasts at Miniatürk with the Istanbul Historical Peninsula Model Exhibition, where every detail is meticulously positioned, from the Blue Mosque’s Iznik tiles decoration to the Topkapı Palace’s Elephant Garden, where elephants were rumored to have been fed once upon a time.


Opportunity to experience historical sections in 3D!

Visitors visiting the exhibition are accompanied by interactive screens that provide information about the scaled scenes and structures in 11 languages; Sections from the construction phase of the exhibition are also reflected on the screens. Located at the entrance of Miniatürk, the Istanbul Historical Peninsula model Exhibition also offers an extraordinary experience to its visitors with its 3D mapping show.